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About CT

Convenience Transportation, LLC
The transportation department is a subsidiary of Kwik Trip Stores, Inc., known as Convenience Transportation, LLC.® The creation of Convenience Transportation was a result of the petroleum and grocery departments’ merger that took place January 1, 1999. This subsidiary includes the Petroleum Department (668), Grocery Department (667), Fresh Delivery Department (467), and Fleet Maintenance (760). Convenience Transportation has approximately 300 co-workers working towards making transportation better than the best. Transportation is made up of 1 Director, 5 Superintendents, 1 Petroleum Supervisor, 6 Petroleum dispatchers, 2 Grocery dispatchers, 2 Fresh Delivery dispatchers, 4 Fleet Maintenance Supervisors, 3 Administrative Assistants and 230 drivers in three states. Convenience Transportation is committed to serving our customers with the highest level of service. The three departments that make up transportation all strive to operate as safe and efficient as possible. As a department we will travel over 17 million miles with the goal to make each mile a safe mile driven. With the use of the latest technology and the focus and commitment of our skilled co-workers we welcome the challenges tomorrow brings.

Grocery Department
Our Grocery department is responsible for delivering almost all inside merchandise you see at our Convenience Stores and Tobacco Outlets. The Grocery Department consists of 68 route drivers, 7 shuttling positions/spotters and 2 dispatchers. We deliver to all Convenience Stores every other day. We deliver to the Tobacco Outlets twice per week. This makes up 42 routes per day (294 routes per week) and 6 Tobacco Outlet routes per week. The Grocery dispatchers are responsible for the creation and management of all grocery routes, and schedule all grocery drivers and spotters.

Petroleum Department
Our Petroleum department manages all fuel tanks for Kwik Trip Stores, Inc. and Tobacco Outlets. Our 6 Petroleum dispatchers maintain a database on each store which has that stores daily fuel levels, historical sales data, and estimated sales for each day. With the use of this information they schedule a team of 111 Petroleum drivers in a three state area to supply our Kwik Trip stores and several outside accounts with petroleum products. The petroleum department consists of 111 Fuel Drivers and 6 Dispatchers. On average we transport over 245 loads averaging 1,960,000 gallons of product per day, 7 days per week.

Fresh Delivery Department
Our Fresh Delivery Department is responsible for delivering all fresh bakery products and glazers, all cooler totes containing sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and frozen pizzas. The Fresh Delivery Department consists of 2 dispatchers, and 51 drivers running 26 routes, departing every evening (182 routes per week). The dispatchers are responsible for the creation and management of all fresh delivery routes, schedules for all fresh delivery drivers, handles and corrects all incoming calls relating to the Fresh Delivery Department.

Fleet Services
Our Fleet Services uses highly trained technicians with advanced software and technology to maintain and manage over 600 pieces of equipment out of a 20,350 square foot facility. Technicians are trained to repair and maintain petroleum tankers, reefer trailers, tractors, light and medium duty trucks and trailers, automotive cars, and snow removal equipment. The shop is also equipped with a state of the art wash bay, which is designed to wash complete tractor and trailer units in 7-15 minutes. The fleet services department handles all vehicle purchases and replacements and also is responsible for the selling of used equipment. The Fleet Services Department consists of 19 Technicians, 5 Truck Washers, 3  Parts Specialists, 1 Superintendent, 4 Supervisors and 1 Administrative Clerk.

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